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Charge Patient Payment Cards Directly From

Your practice needs to manage revenue carefully, and BrainCloud gives you the tools you'll need. BrainCloud allows you to accept major credit cards, checks, and cash for payment, and process the credit card payments directly into your practice's bank account.

Ketamine: For a variety of reasons, the administration of ketamine for depression is frequently deemed an uncovered benefit by commercial health insurance carriers, so helping your patients self-pay for their treatments easily and simply relieves you and them of a great burden.

TMS: While TMS is often a treatment that is covered under a patient's health insurance policy, that is not universally true and many times the caps on number of treatments do not meet the clinical needs of all patients (one size does not fit all).


Optionally Apply Discounts

A practice can easily apply a percent-based or amount-based discount to any invoice item, including a field to provide a reason for the lowered price that reflects on a patient's final bill.

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"Superbills", Incremental Invoicing, and More

BrainCloud allows you to keep track of insurance pre-authorizations, such as how many treatments have been approved but not yet used, when the approvals will expire, and how the value of each one.

BrainCloud also has the option to produce PDF files of individual treatment notes, as documentation that some insurers may require.

We recognize that some patients will self-pay for TMS, either for an entire treatment course or for some treatments beyond their insurance limits. This functionality is reflected in both TMS and Ketamine treatment courses, allowing for the flexibility to track a blend of different patient payment types.

Whether for ketamine, TMS, and general psychiatric care, BrainCloud lets you generate "superbill" invoice statements that you can provide to your patients so that they can seek reimbursement for services after they have paid you directly.