Practice Analytics

With the Practice Analytics features, BrainCloud brings you advanced management tools that previously were available only to large institutional practices.

As treatments are performed and documented, data are generated that can illuminate efficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Our data scientists have equipped BrainCloud’s analytics with visualizations of a practice’s data that can help improve operations and clinical outcomes. Patient Analytics is an optional, paid add-on to a BrainCloud account that allows one to drill down into the specifics of the care delivered, visualizing patient outcomes as a function of demographic factors, treatment details (dose, stimulation settings, provider), number of treatments, and a host of other variables. Patient data can be aggregated along demographic lines, by provider, by referring physician, or by payor mix, to illuminate access channels to the practice. Productivity measures can help identify areas for improvement, whether it’s a doctor in a multi-physician practice, a staff member assisting in procedures, or a location in a multi- site practice

Now you can take a deep dive into your data and gain insights into efficiencies as well as areas where improvements can be made.

  • Who are your patients and what is the demographic mix?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Which insurers compare in their contributions to your bottom line?
  • Which referral sources yield large numbers of patients for you?
  • Which members of your staff contribute the most to your bottom line?
  • What kinds of off-label diagnoses do you treat?
  • Are some technicians getting better outcomes than others?
  • Are some clinical sites doing better than others?