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Helping Internally Organize and Externally Advertise Your Practice


Single or Multiple Practice Locations

A "Clinical Site" in BrainCloud represents a physical location in the real world that is part of your TMS or Ketamine practice.

BrainCloud's purpose is to help your practice grow, and that hopefully entails getting your practice in front of more potential patients in more geographical locations. Each Clinical Site can be "assigned" any of your practice's your patients, treatment courses, treatment sessions, and where physicians or staff work. This helps easily organize your data in BrainCloud as you know it in reality.

Group By

In BrainCloud, each Clinical Site serves an organizational purpose: treatment sessions, scheduling, data permissions, and more are tied to patients and treatments that are marked as having taken place at a particular location within your practice.

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List Your Practice

Our goal with BrainCloud is to help grow your TMS and/or Ketamine practice. Public visibility is part of that, so every Clinical Site that you create inside your account can be optionally listed on the top menu of our public site under "Providers." By listing your practice on BrainCloud, potential patients can be reassured by seeing that you employ state-of-the-art, secure, cloud-based methods for managing their treatments. Help differentiate your practice from others by showing that you use 21st-century methods, not just in the interventions that you offer, but comprehensively across all aspects of the patient experience.

Each Clinical Site includes:

Feature Description
Site Name and Location Name your Clinical Site as something unique and meaningful. If you're a solo practitioner, you could name it "Jones Los Angeles TMS." As an established practice with multiple Clinical Sites, you could name one of them "Orange County TMS: Newport Beach South Location."
Services Offered Display whether your site offers only or both TMS treatments. This can be helpful to potential patients looking for different options.
Online Presences

BrainCloud can be part of your online presence, listing relevant information so a potential patient can find you easily.

List your practice website and social media accounts - you can easily link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, ZocDoc, YouTube, or other online channels.

While none of these are required to use BrainCloud, our easy integration with these other channels makes it easier for patients to find you.