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Built-In Calendar

BrainCloud includes full scheduling features with a calendar that lets you see not just patient treatments and locations, but also meetings or even physician and staff schedules.

Categorized By Treatment Type

While a psychopharmacology or psychotherapy practice might be managed with a simple calendar, a modern TMS or ketamine practice involves coordinating more than just a clinician and his or her patients - other staff, devices, rooms, and other resources need to be available in the right place at the right time for your practice to run efficiently. Our scheduling features allow you to manage clinician time and physical resources optimally.


Schedule Patients

A member of your practice may schedule a patient appointment with another practice member with appropriate clinical permissions set for that user account (e.g., permission to administer treatments with TMS and/or ketamine). Once scheduled, the treatment session is automatically created on a provisional basis, and BrainCloud simply asks if the patient was a no-show or whether they arrived as scheduled.

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Voice Notes

Speak Directly Into Treatment Session Notes | Support For Multiple Languages



If you want to take notes with your voice instead of typing them in, simply click the microphone above the input field for any treatment session's notes and what you say will appear in the text input field.

User Account Management

User Invites | Authorized E-Mail Domains


BrainCloud offers multiple roles for user accounts. Each role encompasses a set of permissions, meaning what that particular user account can and cannot do within the software. Simply put, not all users should be given the right to access the same information within your practice or make changes to patient data (for example: a vindictive employee could cause significant problems). In other instances, there may not be a need for an employee who deals with finances to access sensitive clinical data.

Each user account within BrainCloud can be set to


Clinical Permissions

In addition, BrainCloud offers practices the ability to securely store patient payment details for future billing and then actually bill patient credit cards patient credit (or debit) cards. Superbills may also be easily generated for services charged per patient and exported to a PDF so that the patient can seek reimbursement from their health insurance provider.

User Account Permissions

Fine-Grained Controls

Clinical Site Data Access

It's possible that your practice has multiple locations with multiple employees who work in different places. Therefore, it may be necessary (legally or otherwise) to restrict which user accounts can access data from various practice locations.

BrainCloud makes this simple. Each user can be explicitly limited to the data from one or more clinical sites. What the user sees within the software interface in terms of patients, treatment data, and other records is simply filtered according to what they have access to.