BrainCloud includes powerful software capabilities for your practice to track revenues at a granular level, document patient and insurance payments, charge patient credit cards, and more.

Icon CPT Codes and Modifiers

Create both CPT codes and CPT modifiers relevant for the treatments offered by your practice.

3 dollar signs Billing Rates

Billing rates apply to medical services described by individual CPT codes. In BrainCloud, multiple billing rates can be attached to the same CPT code, and each billing rate may be distinguished by payor (a specific insurance provider or a self-pay rate), and also by year, price, and currency.

Green plus sign Apply Procedure Codes

For TMS and ketamine treatment sessions, E&M encounters, or initial patient evaluations, one or more CPT codes may be added to document which services were provided. The user account who performed the service(s) specified by the CPT can be added, their role described, and optionally, any modifier codes can be added to the same CPT code.

3 dollar signs below bar chart Practice Revenues

As CPT codes are applied to various procedures, a picture of how much revenue a practice generates for specific services, based on which billing rate was selected per CPT code, will appear. Trends across months, weeks, quarters are easy to generate.

Invoice Invoices

Generate invoices (downloadable as PDF files) that document medical services provided by member(s) of your practice, including the dates, times, locations, and specific CPT codes and billing rates for each invoice item. Trends across months, weeks, quarters are easy to generate.

Online Payments

Skip Swiping the Credit Card

Insurance Co-Payments

Most insurance plans require patients to pay a co-pay charge for an outpatient visit, and most practices charge a patient's credit or debit card. BrainCloud digitizes this process, securely storing a patient's credit card, without their credit card number, for future billing. A patient's existing insurance coverage (see the Insurance tab on this page) and their default card are both auto-selected, meaning that a staff member need only input the insurance co-pay amount and, optionally, a clinical site within your practice.

You can also quickly pull up a patient's entire history of online co-payments with a click, refund an existing payment, and view specific details and results regarding the payment.

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Practice Revenues

Revenue Analytics

Now you and your team can manage the business aspects of your practice by 'following the money' as efficiently as clinical care proceeds with BrainCloud's support.


Patient Payments

Whether The Payor Is An Insurance Provider, A Self-Pay Patient, Or A Mix of Both

Document Payments For Treatments

Typically a patient or their insurance company typically pays for a pre-specified number of treatment sessions with TMS or ketamine/esketamine.

BrainCloud, details regarding the payor, the payment method, receipts, and other relevant financial data can be documented for initial approval and then updated to reflect additional treatment authorizations.

(More Details Coming Soon)

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Billing Rates

Track and modify your billing rates as needed

Every procedure with a CPT code can have rates tied to payment source. Have you negotiated different rates with different payors? No problem, simply specify the rate for each insurance source and when it takes effect; historical rates are archived as they are retired so auditing is easy and new rates are applied reliably once they take effect.

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Procedure Codes

CPT Codes and Modifiers

Customize the CPT codes to what your practice provides

BrainCloud comes pre-filled with the most common CPT codes for TMS, ketamine, and E&M psychiatric care, so the system is ready for use as soon as your account is activated. Is there another procedure you offer that is not currently on the list? Simply add it (green button below). Perhaps the AMA adds a new CPT code? One click and done.

  • E&M encounter codes: Evaluation and Management visits are central to the provision of psychiatric care. New patients, established patients, and consultation codes are listed. You can customize the list by adding other codes that pertain to your own practice.
  • Psychotherapy codes: Many practices offer comprehensive care, from individual, family, or group therapy and medication management to interventions with TMS and ketamine. BrainCloud supports your clinical work across the board.
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Flexible and Efficient

Manage billing with great flexibility. You can assemble a patient's account from all the procedures you've entered; add them in groups to an invoice; apply any relevant discounts; and voilĂ , produce a PDF document that is ready for the patient and insurance company.

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Insurance Providers and Patient Coverage

A patient's insurance coverage can be documented and updated, or, for self-paying patients

(More Details Coming Soon)