What is BrainCloud.io?

BrainCloud is a cloud-based practice management system designed for psychiatrists who address treatment resistant depression and similar disorders using:

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

Intranasal Ketamine

Intravenous Ketamine

Intramuscular Ketamine


Traditional Med. Management

Unlike certain other EMR systems, where psychiatric care is an afterthought at best, BrainCloud is specifically designed to reflect the workflow in behavioral health and to improve the efficiency with which care is delivered.

TMS machine
Blue IV bag
Paper with red medical cross and prescription pill bottle
Credit card with user icon and red medical cross
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Line chart with dollar sign
Grey map marker with red medical cross
Prescription pill bottle
Red medical cross in circle
Purple microphone
Umbrella over medical briefcase with red medical cross

Manage every aspect of TMS Treatments. Create, store, search, and graph TMS treatment data from Magstim, MAG&More, NeuroStar, and MagVenture machines.


BrainCloud supports the workflow of practices that use intranasal (including Spravato/esketamine), intramuscular, and/or intravenous ketamine.

Evaluation and Management

A full suite of features for med-management, mental status examinations, SOAP notes, and more

Online Billing

Securely Charge Patient Payment Cards For Insurance Co-Pays and Invoices for Services


Grant patients access to a secure patient portal to remotely complete a PHQ-9, IDS-SR-30, QIDS-SR-16, HAMD-6, HAMD-17, YBOCS, or you can administer the CGI-S, CGI-I, or MADRS.


For different CPT codes, create billing rates based on time periods, different rates for payors (insurance providers or self-pay) and services, and track revenue by patient, clinical site, and more

Clinical Sites

Manage multiple Clinical Sites (or let us help grow your practice to multiple locations), including scheduling doctors, staff, and patients to specific dates, times, and Clinical Site locations.

Medication Records

Track current or new prescriptions, any modifications in dosage, and visualize outcomes relative to TMS or Ketamine treatment sessions.

Diagnosis Records

Easily add diagnoses (ICD 10) to patient records and track progress resulting from the recorded diagnosis

Voice Notes

BrainCloud includes speech-to-text features for physicians and staff to take notes by voice during patient treatment sessions.


BrainCloud was developed by a team with over 10 years of experience in penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and software engineering.

Insurance Providers

Create multiple insurance providers and assign patients to each according to their policy coverage.