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Patient Records

BrainCloud allows your practice to enter extensive information for each patient record and to view useful summaries of patient data in one unified place, just 2 clicks away from any page.

  • Emergency contact
  • Diagnosis record history
  • Medication record history
  • Medication(s) taken for which diagnosis
  • View entire treatment history by treatment type (this includes: E&M encounters and TMS and ketamine treatment courses and associated treatment sessions)
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Direct Billing

Your practice can securely store patient payment details in BrainCloud and then easily bill patient credit and debit cards from within the applicaiton.

Superbills can be generated as PDFs and provided to patients so that they can access their out-of-network benefits for cash-pay services and keep track of transactions for their own records.

Diagnosis Records

Document Past and Present Medical Conditions, and Any Medication(s) Being Taken For Each Diagnosis

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Integrated with the U.S. Health and Human Services Department's API for ICD-10 Code lookups

How It Works:

  • As you type, results are filtered instantly, letting you quickly produce the ICD-10 code and name of the diagnosis you want as you type.
  • Active (start) and inactive (end/cured) date of a selected diagnosis
  • Psychomotor Activity
  • Whether a member of the practice, or an external practitioner made the selected diagnosis
  • Any notes regarding the selection

Diagnoses and Medications

BrainCloud gives practices the option of adding medication records to each diagnosis. Especially within the context of TMS or Ketamine treatment courses, this allows practitioners to quickly review medically relevant information pertaining to a patient.


Medication Records

Document Past and Present Patient Medications, Initiations, Refill Authorizations, And More

Medication Details

An integration with an API provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services API makes it easy to manage a patient's medication history. Simply start typing in a medication's name. Select one, which includes its dosage form and then automatically, all available strengths for the selected medication appear. Once that's selected, the RxCUI code is auto-populated.

Direct integration with APIs offered by the Department of Health and Human Services that allows for rapid search and inclusion of diagnoses (ICD-10) and medications (using the FDA database). Consistent with our desire to be a comprehensive, “one stop shop” practice management platform, BrainCloud allows practices to integrate data from prescriptions (whether a patient was already prescribed a medication, or was newly prescribed something by the practice) in the context of what TMS or ketamine treatments they received and the data stemming from that. This additional data element of prescriptions by name and dosage is crucial for adjustments to the types and levels of TMS or ketamine that a psychiatry practices elects to use.

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